My Everyday Makeup Routine 2017

Hey guys, welcome to another video. I get so excited when I finish filming videos, editing, taking pictures etc and I finally get to upload another video. This time it’s My Every Day Makeup Routine 2017.

Click below to watch My Everyday Makeup Routine 2017!

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What’s In My Bag?

Don’t we all wonder what other women carry in their handbags? Well, today my lovelies I am going to spill the secret contents of my Michael Kors.


I filmed a What’s In My Bag video for my youtube channel – be sure to check it out below and fall deeper into the contents of my bag! Subscribe

Sneaky Peek Below


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December Empty Product Reviews

We all have our favourite products, you know the ones that you squeeze every last drop out of. The creams and serums where you cut open the bottle to finish them. Well, I finished these products, so they must be great, right? You’ll have to watch my video to find out!

I mention 14 different products from skincare, haircare and fitness. Some of them I won’t be repurchasing but most I love and have already repurchased.

Just remember everyone is different, but hopefully, this video gives you more insight into these particular products. Whether or not it is worth spending your hard earned dollars on!

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Christmas Holiday Makeup Tutorial

There’s nothing I love more than the Christmas Holidays! It’s so exciting getting together with friends and family, work functions and of course all the food!

I created this Holiday Glam Makeup Tutorial to inspire you to get excited for the holidays and all the events that come with it.

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!


Are Priceline Goody Bags Worth It?

Let’s be honest, it’s incredibly hard to walk past a Priceline sale AND a skincare goody bag valued at over $300! The big question is, are Priceline goody bags really worth it?
Priceline Pharmacy_141127_4D6C6926
Priceline Australia is Australia’s leading health and beauty retailer, aka heaven. There are also Priceline Pharmacies, with everything a regular Priceline has, in addition to medications.

Priceline recently had their skincare goody bag promotion running and it made me think, why are they so damn appealing? It is probably due to women’s logic…

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