Caricatures & Women Only Carriages Tokyo

When we returned home from Japan, we wanted a fun way to tell everyone that we got engaged and so, we decided to have a caricature drawn.

We visited Shibuya’s Caricature Japan and the guy who drew us was amazing. I’ve always wondered what I would look like as a cartoon character.

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Tokyo Disneyland Vlog

Visiting Disneyland was a bizarre and magical experience. It’s like walking into your television screen and experiencing some of your favorite Disney movies in real life. 


We visited Tokyo Disneyland whilst in Japan and like Universal Studios, everything was in Japanese but magic is a universal language.

The very first thing you see walking into Disneyland is the Cinderella castle. Seeing this for the first time makes me wish I still had my toy Cinderella castle from when I was a kid.

IMG_2740It was such a magical moment, that I didn’t even care this picture wasn’t Instagram worthy, I was just so excited!

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Snowboarding & Falling into a Creek Hole Japan | Lucky Escape!

Australian snowboarder Brooke Lindsay shaken but uninjured, after falling into a creek at the Kiroro Ski Resort Japan.

I never thought I would be that person. I always had a bit of a giggle when I saw newbie snowboarders heading toward the little creeks on the groomed runs.

However, I had never seen anyone actually fall into one of those massive creeks out in the back country. Not until it happened to me.

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Postcard Perfect at Kinkakuji 金閣寺 | Golden Pavilion

Traveling to Japan has been one of the biggest life experiences for me. They have a rich culture and history that was so beautiful to experience. 


The reason I titled this post ‘postcard perfect’ was that every picture we took of the Golden Pavilion, looked like it should be on the front of a postcard. It was unreal seeing it for the first time.

It is such an impressive structure that is built overlooking a large pond, making it even more mystical. The Zen temple in northern Kyoto has two floors that are completely covered in gold leaf!


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Getting Married at Universal Studios Japan?!

Whilst traveling around Japan we visited Osaka and knew we have to go to Universal Studios. We were so excited to visit the theme park, we got up super early yet still managed to face a major line up at the gates.

IMG_5668 2

We bought a pass that allowed us to bypass some of the excruciatingly long lines for most of the rides. Which, was well worth the extra money.



We went on so many amazing rides, the first one being a roller coaster. I also recommend Jaws, the Space Fantasy ride, The Amazing Adventures of Spider Man.

You must visit Harry Potter World and go on the Forbidden Journey ride (be aware this ride can cause you to feel a little nauseous.)




Some rides were a little confusing due to the language barrier but none the less, it was an amazing experience. Oh, and the food was awesome, we saw some people walking around with a leg of ham and immediately, were on the hunt for one, they were unreal!

Oh, and the food was awesome, we saw some people walking around with a leg of ham and immediately, were on the hunt for one, they were unreal!

We also enjoyed a Harry Potter butter beer, watch my reaction below.



After a long day of fun, we decided to create some memories with a guided photo shoot at Universal Studios. The first task was getting two 6″ giant Australians into clothing made for Asians, obviously.

After Tazz squeezed himself into a suit and a pair of size 9 shoes, I also managed to find a dress the fit yet was very short. I decided to keep my Nikes on as we ventured outside into the freezing cold to take some pictures.



Everyone was clapping and staring, we didn’t know whether to wave and say thank you or feel extremely embarrassed. What an amazing experience it was (a bit of fun after just being proposed to).


Visiting Osaka and Universal Studios was a great experience where special memories were made, we can’t wait to go back. Head over to my youtube channel to see more of our travels.


My Proposal Vlog | Mt Fuji Japan

I love reading about proposal stories, they are the start of an incredible journey towards becoming husband and wife. I love my proposal story because it was somewhat spontaneous doing what we love to do. 

This is part 3 of our Japan vlog, where we travelled from Hakuba to Mt Fuji to get engaged, unbeknownst to me.

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Japan Pt 2 | Snowboarding in Hakuba

I’ve always wanted to travel to Japan, the fact that it has the most amazing ski slopes and snow in the world is an added bonus. 

We stayed at The Mt Hakuba Backpackers for a week in Hakuba. We got a package deal with the lodge including, breakfast, dinner and daily ski lift passes (a daily lift pass is around $65-70 a day).

IMG_4345The ski resorts we visited were Cortina, Tsugaike Kogen, Iwatake, Happo-One and Hakuba 47.

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Japan Vlog Pt 1 | Travelling around Tokyo!

Japan is an amazing country that I have always wanted to visit. It wasn’t until our love of snowboarding took over that we decided to visit the best snow in the world!

Travelling to Japan was my first time out of Australia (other than New Zealand) I was excited to start experiencing Japan’s long history, culture and different traditions.

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