Delicious Peanut Butter Protein Smoothie Recipe

Meals and drinks high in protein have a lot of benefits. They keep you fuller for longer and are great post workout treats to assist with muscle repair and development.  


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Healthy Glowing Skin Smoothie

I’m not sure if it’s just me but 2017 has brought nothing but dull and blemished skin so far. I decided to start trading in my afternoon coffees for this healthy glowing skin smoothie, with noticeable results. 

I’ve been doing research into which foods can help improve my skin. A lot of obvious things came up like salmon, broccoli, and almonds. I also stumbled upon a whole list of foods I already enjoy that I used to create a delicious and creamy green smoothie!

Frozen banana and avocado give the smoothie an incredibly thick and creamy taste. The mango and pineapple sweeten things up and the greens pack one huge nutritional punch. Your skin will be thanking you for this one.


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Simple Poached Pear Protein Dessert | Recipe

There’s something about enjoying poached pears during winter, it tastes like Christmas!

I gently poach them in a light cinnamon syrup with hints of spice and warm undertones of honey. They are my favourite spooned over protein yogurt and oatmeal for dessert or breakfast.

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No Bake Penut Butter Protein Balls Recipe

If you’re after the ultimate high protein snack that will satisfy cravings and give you an energy hit, this protein ball recipe is for you!

Protein balls are the ultimate healthy snack. They are a source of natural energy that will satisfy your sweet cravings and you won’t feel guilty afterward. They’re high in protein just like my protein pancakes recipe and require little effort to make. They are a perfect to throw in lunches and as an on the go snack.

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Banana Protein Pancakes Recipe

When you put a lot of effort into your fitness training, you don’t want to affect your progress by eating the “wrong” foods. However, what if you could make the “wrong” foods the “right” foods? 

If you’re after the perfect alternative to the not so healthy, traditional pancakes then I have the perfect recipe for you! With this recipe, you can support your fitness goals while enjoying a delicious breakfast.

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