End of Winter Empties and Product Reviews

I have a confession, I am a hoarder. After I finish a product I keep it in a little box in my office to review for a Youtube empties video. 

Whilst that’s all good and well, there no better feeling than finally throwing away that empty bottle so, here is my end of winter empty products. I tell you whether I will be repurchasing the product and why.

The Clinique Clarifying Lotion

I use The Clinique Clarifying Lotion as a toner, I picked this one up because it is alcohol-free which is a lot more gentle on the skin. It’s hard to tell how much of a difference a toner makes because you use products before and after a toner.

This toner did not irritate my skin and was also calming on my sensitive skin so, I would repurchase.  Continue reading “End of Winter Empties and Product Reviews”


5 Beauty Products You Need To Replace Today!

No matter how much you love your favourite lip gloss, that was discontinued in 2010. You need to throw it away, trust me on this one.

pexels-photo-324654.jpegBefore knowing these facts I held onto my favourite lipglosses, mascaras, and even sunscreen, for longer than I would like to admit. Once I realised that products actually have a use by date, I started throwing out products like a mad woman.

Not only are you getting rid of nasty products, you’re making room for new products by decluttering. Here are the top 5 beauty products I got rid of and so should you after reading this.

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3 Exciting Beauty Launches On My Wishlist This May

If my skin could handle it (not to mention my bank balance) I could easily purchase beauty products on the daily (skincare products are my weakness). Instead, they’re going on my wish list until I have finished my current skincare, hashtag adulting. 

There are so many amazing beauty products that have launched this month but I have narrowed it down to my 3 favourites, check them out below!

Kate Somerville UncompliKated SPF 50 $32


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March Beauty Empties & Reviews 2017

It’s that time of the month again and let’s be honest, I’m a little late to the party this month. It’s my March Empties and I’m starting with my bank account… Ba dum tss*. 

In all seriousness, let’s get into my March Empty Products and whether or not I would recommend purchasing these makeup, skincare and hair care products.

You can watch my video or check out the products and reviews written down below, it’s up to you lovelies.



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What’s In My Bag?

Don’t we all wonder what other women carry in their handbags? Well, today my lovelies I am going to spill the secret contents of my Michael Kors.


I filmed a What’s In My Bag video for my youtube channel – be sure to check it out below and fall deeper into the contents of my bag! Subscribe http://bit.ly/2npzx

Sneaky Peek Below


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6 Beauty Essentials To Take Travelling

Whilst there is nothing more exciting than traveling to a new place, the worst part has to be packing. Knowing what and how much to take with you, especially when it comes to your beauty items. 

The thought of waking up in a new place makes me just want to throw my hair into a bun and go adventure seeking. However, there’s nothing wrong with also wanting to maintain some beauty routines and keep a nice appearance.

Mt Fuji, Japan

It’s important to save on weight and space whilst traveling, so here are some beauty items that are essential when traveling.

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5 Useful & Affordable Beauty Gadgets You Need To Own Pt. 2

I love a beauty product that makes looking better simple. Here are another 5 useful and affordable beauty gadgets you need to own, part 2! They are the unspoken beauty essentials that help make beauty just that little bit easier.


Exfoliating Gloves

Exfoliation gloves are great for slipping on whilst in the shower and quickly exfoliating your body. They increase circulation, draw blood and oxygen to the surface of the skin and encourage youthful looking skin.

Quick tip: If you have sensitive skin, opt for a natural fibre and softer glove that will massage the skin. If you prefer a more coarse method, purchase a rougher mitt for a more extreme exfoliation.

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5 Useful & Affordable Beauty Gadgets You Need To Own

There are a number of beauty gadgets I find myself reaching for on a daily basis. They are the gadgets that make beautifying yourself just a little bit easier.

With a million different promises from a million different gadgets and brands, it can be hard to trust what some gadgets ‘guarantee’ they’ll do. However, you know you’ve found a winner when they make their way out of the bathroom drawer and on top of the vanity.

Here are some tried and true favourite beauty tools that do their job and are also affordable!


1. Body Brush 

What’s nice about this beauty tool is that it’s great for dry brushing as well as massaging your skin. It has little round nodules that massage your skin whilst you brush. Dry brushing is great for deep exfoliation which can help with cellulite and stretch marks.

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