5 Tips To Stay Fit And Healthy This Easter

Don’t let the Easter weekend get the best of you. The Easter dinners, Easter desserts and of course all the chocolate, it’s all eggs-tremely tempting, if you pardon the pun. 


While you might be dedicated to your health and fitness, it’s ok to be tempted and treat yourself, during the Easter break.

However, there are some things to keep your health and fitness in mind. Ensuring you don’t get too caught up in the festivities, here are some tips to remember whilst enjoying the long weekend.

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Arnold Classic Vlog / Bikini Comp / Meeting Buff Bunny

Melbourne has come through with some glorious sunny weather for The Arnold Classic this year. The Arnold Classic is the world’s largest annual multi-sport expo, held in Melbourne from the 17th – 19th of March this year. 

My fiance, Tarren and I headed to the Exhibition Centre on Friday. Where we enjoyed live sports, health and fitness workshops and meeting some of our favourite athletes.

We filmed traveling to and from the expo and what to expect once you get inside. I also included a sneaky gym workout at the end of the vlog, you can check it out below!

I met one of my fitness inspirations and favourite YouTubers, Heidi Sommers aka Buff Bunny. I brought her a converse keyring as a little joke and she thought it was hilarious, calling it “Heidi size”. Heidi was incredibly kind and gave us a lot of her time.

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5 Diet Mistakes To Avoid

From yo-yo dieting to new years resolutions that only last a couple of weeks. We’ve all been there, trying to lose weight and get fit. 

I hate the word diet, it implies that you’ll do it for a couple of months, get sick of it and then go back to bad habits. You shouldn’t think of it as dieting but changing your way you thinking, to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

There may be a number of reasons why you just can’t seem to drop the weight, but here are 5 diet mistakes that I try to avoid.

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8 Tips To Get Bikini Ready This Summer

Thank god winter is gone and summer is here! With this beautiful balmy weather comes visits to the beach, pool, and river in your dun dun duuuuuun… bikini.

It can be hard finding the motivation to get up and exercise so that you feel comfortable and confident in your bathing suit. Especially when it’s so stinking hot! However, it’s so important to stay hydrated and to make healthy choices during summer. 

In saying that, here are some tips to keep you motivated and get you back into your bikini!

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December Empty Product Reviews

We all have our favourite products, you know the ones that you squeeze every last drop out of. The creams and serums where you cut open the bottle to finish them. Well, I finished these products, so they must be great, right? You’ll have to watch my video to find out!

I mention 14 different products from skincare, haircare and fitness. Some of them I won’t be repurchasing but most I love and have already repurchased.

Just remember everyone is different, but hopefully, this video gives you more insight into these particular products. Whether or not it is worth spending your hard earned dollars on!

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Wearing Makeup At The Gym? Sweatproof Makeup Routine


Heading out into the world bare-faced can be a daunting, yet wearing makeup to the gym can lead to all kinds of criticism. Not only that, it’s not healthy for your skin and can give you a serious case of racoon eyes (not cute!).

If you’re not confident going out without makeup, don’t let it become an excuse for skipping the gym. I have some tips for creating a subtle makeup look that won’t run and lets your skin breathe!


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Outdoor Circuit Workout | Legs & Butt

If you’re in need of some workout motivation this winter (I know I am) get moving with this outdoor workout. It aims to shape and tone your legs and butt!

This workout routine is great because you can do it anywhere with no equipment necessary.  As you will see I use a bench to help me find that perfect 90-degree angle when squatting, this is totally optional. If you can get lower, get it girl!

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Full Body Workout

Getting out of the gym for your workout is great for your mind, body and soul. You’ll not only boost the number of calories you burn, you’ll also be hitting different muscles groups.

My fitness regime has been re-inspired after going to The Arnold Classic in Melbourne. While I love getting into the gym, it’s not always feasible. Coming from the country I love getting active outdoors. So I filmed an outdoor full body workout in hopes to inspire some of you to get moving too!

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