Secret Beach & Rock Bar Bali Indonesia Vlog Pt. 1

You can usually find Tazz and myself strapped to a snowboard in rather chilly environments, so I decided it was time for a change. I started researching affordable trips to warm locations but I kept coming back to Bali, Indonesia. 

Being our first trip to Bali, a warm location and notably only my 4th time overseas, we wanted to see everything Bali had to offer. We had a number of Bali activities and Bali destinations on our list of things to do and see.

balanganbeachresort_baliOur first stop was South Kuta where we stayed at The BuiBui Eco-Village Resort and Spa. After a booking mix up it was a welcome surprise waking up to beachfront views, infinity pools and our very own private beach! 


Our hosts were very friendly and accommodating, ensuring we had the most comfortable stay possible. This location is perfect if you’re looking for somewhere quiet and a bit more secluded.


It was a great start to our Bali adventures, thank you for having us Balangan Beach Front Resort and I hope you all enjoy this vlog!

Give the vlog a thumbs up if you liked it and let me know your favourite places to visit in Bali, in the comment section

Brooke xo


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