Eyebrow Routine For Thick Eyebrows + Benefit Goof Proof First Impressions

Having full eyebrows has been a blessing since they have become quite popular in recent years. I often get people asking ‘how do I get my brows looking so thick?’ So I thought I would film my eyebrow routine.  

Here is my eyebrow routine, as well as a review and my first impressions on the Benefit goof proof brow pencil.

Whilst my eyebrow routine doesn’t take long, I wouldn’t say this is a super quick and easy routine when using a pencil. I consider quick and easy to be a quick slick of tinted brow gel through my brows before running out the door.


This eyebrow pencil tutorial shows you step by step how I draw out my brows to achieve thick yet natural looking eyebrows.


I also include a little trick I use to get those fluffy model looking brows. My eyebrows aren’t perfect as you will see in this video, they are sparse in some areas (probably from plucking when I was younger, as most have done, unfortunately).

I finally decided to splurge and invest in a high-end brow pencil for the first time. The Benefit goof proof brow pencil was $42 and unfortunately, I love it!

This is a great little eyebrow routine for beginners, as this look is quite simple and easy to achieve.


The flat side quickly fills in your brows and the thin tip is great for creating smaller hair like strokes through your brows. I also love the packaging, it absolutely stunning and really does feel like a luxury item.

Whilst I have naturally full brows, I use this routine to fill in the sparse areas of my brows to create fuller and more natural looking eyebrows.


  • Waterproof
  • Beautiful packaging
  • Don’t need a sharpener
  • Natural looking application


  • Quite pricey



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