Snowboarding & Falling into a Creek Hole Japan | Lucky Escape!

Australian snowboarder Brooke Lindsay shaken but uninjured, after falling into a creek at the Kiroro Ski Resort Japan.

I never thought I would be that person. I always had a bit of a giggle when I saw newbie snowboarders heading toward the little creeks on the groomed runs.

However, I had never seen anyone actually fall into one of those massive creeks out in the back country. Not until it happened to me.

We were skiing at the Kiroro ski resort Japan and decided to take the back tracks to board some fresh lines. I opted to overtake some skiers because the cat tracks weren’t very wide and I didn’t want to have to stop.

Coming around the bend on a cat track I was not familiar with, I lost an edge and it all happened within a matter of seconds. A little yell for help and I slid into a massive creek hole and was in knee deep, icy cold water.



I had a lucky escape after falling into the massive 2-meter deep creek and that is why you should never board back tracks alone. Lucky for me, the skiers behind me had the right equipment to get me out.

I’m so thankful to the skiers who rushed to help me out, literally. especially after I found out that to get the ski patrol out there to save you, it can cost around $2,000 Australian dollars!


Don’t let this turn you off snowboarding, Japan really does have the best snow in the world. I went back to the chalet, Tazz bought me some new (dry) socks and I enjoyed a Japanese dessert. Stay safe when snowboarding this season!

Where do you like to go snowboarding?




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