How To Safely Pop A Pimple & Say Fork You Pimples!

Those little red, puss-filled bumps (gross I know) can really take a toll on our lives, and if you’re anything like me, you have a hard time leaving them alone. 

I have some good news for you, believe it or not, there is such a thing as ‘safe pimple popping’, so you can say goodbye to those sore red bumps and here’s how!

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You have probably been told that it’s bad to pop your pimples, however, Dr Andrew Ordon explains that popping your pimples is ok and in fact, “to prevent scarring you need to incise and drain a pimple otherwise, it can leave a crater and a scar”.

Cick here to watch Dr. Ordon explain.

Let’s be honest most of us are going to pop any pimples on our face, because who wants a white, red (and sometimes sore) bump taking up residency on our face?

Not me, so follow this guide for pimple removal on your face at home.

Numero Uno, Prevention

Before we start, be sure to read my post on 10 Free Beauty Hacks For Clearer Skin.

There are some amazing skin care tips in there to help prevent pimples in the first place. Now, on with the pimple popping guide!

2. Use The Correct Tools


Using the correct pimple popper tool will ensure you don’t damage your skin. I use a Tweezerman comedo extractor tool, that you can buy on eBay.

3. Sterilise Your Tools 

Be sure to sterilise the tools you are using on your face. You can sterilise your extractor with boiling water or alcohol.

4. Cleanse Your Face

Gently cleanse your face and use a warm washcloth/face washer, to open up your pores. Then pat your face dry with a towel.

5. Gently Squeeze

Place the extractor’s opening over an offending pimple and gently push down to release the contents. Alternatively, you can use q-tips to gently squeeze a pimple.

Quick tip: Dr Ordon says to avoid pimples scars. “never use your fingernails or something sharp to squeeze a pimple.” 

6. Apply Pimple Cream


The final step is to apply some pimple cream. I like to apply the 2.5 percent Benzac cream. It’s great because it helps to reduce inflammation and prevent any further breakouts.

That is how you safely undertake a pimple extraction, let me know in the comments below if this was helpful for you!






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