How To Apply False Eyelashes And Make Them Last

Who doesn’t love the appearance of thicker, longer eyelashes? What’s cheaper than eyelash extensions? False eyelashes!

Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 10.10.40 pmFalse eyelashes make your eyes pop and once you get the hang of applying them, you won’t want to go out without them.

Whilst most false eyelashes aren’t that expensive and are certainly a lot cheaper than eyelash extensions. It’s always a good idea to preserve the life of your false eyelashes for as long as possible.

Watch my Youtube video below to learn How To Apply False Eyelashes and Make Them Last!

Practice these 4 tips to ensure you’re getting the most out of your false eyelashes so you can wear them over and over again.

Purchase High Quality

Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 10.08.30 pm

I know it’s tempting to buy a pack of 13 lashes for $8, but you get what you pay for. Purchasing quality fake eyelashes (like the Ardell Fashion Wispies) means they will sit nicer on your eyes and last longer.

Remove From Packaging With Care

Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 10.09.05 pm

When removing your fake eyelashes from their packaging, ensure that you are carefully removing them and not ripping them from the packaging. You don’t want to damage or warp the lashes.

Carefully removing them will ensure you keep the nice curve of the lash that will sit nicely on your eye.

Avoid Mascara & Other Makeup Products

Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 10.37.55 pm

This tip is personal preference. Some people like applying mascara after they apply their false eyelashes, I like to apply mascara beforehand. They less mascara and other makeup products you get on your lashes the longer they will last.

However, if you feel you need to blend your natural lashes with your false lashes go ahead and apply mascara after you’ve put on your false eyelashes. Just be aware that it will shorten the life of your lashes.

Store In Original Packaging

Keep the original packaging for you false lashes as it is a great way to store them once you remove them. It will protect them from getting damaged as well as ensure they keep the beautiful curvy shape of the lash band.

If you enjoyed these tips or my video, let me know in the comments down below, I would love to hear from you!



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