10 Free Beauty Hacks For Clearer Skin

If there is one thing I research a lot and am passionate about; it’s skincare. Skincare is a massive investment of your time or money. 

I’ve spent a tonne of time and money on facials and skincare to try and improve my skin. The products you use and your routine is super important but with these skincare beauty hacks, I have noticed a massive improvement in my skin.

Here are 10 free beauty hacks for clearer skin that everyone can use and that won’t cost you your weekly paycheck.


I’m not going to tell you what to eat, you know the more organic and nutritious you eat the better your skin will be. What I am going to tell you is to avoid getting food around your mouth.

Really take your time eating and avoid getting any around your mouth because it can cause breakouts in that area.



Exercising detoxifies your body and releases endorphins, which is great for your skin. Yoga or just holding a downward dog for three to five minutes is great for boosting circulation to your face and giving your skin a glow.

Shower After Exercise

Exercising is great, it opens up your pores and gets rid of toxins that might be clogging your pores which can lead to breakouts. Just be sure to thoroughly wash your face after exercising.

Don’t Put Your Head Directly Under The Showerhead

shower head

You don’t want to do this because the pressure and heat of the water can be extremely damaging to your skin causing dryness or broken capillaries.

Quick tip: When washing your hair, don ‘t let the shampoo and conditioner run down your face.

Avoid Tap Water

This tip never occurred to me until my friend mentioned that the local water I was washing my face with was dirty. Avoid using tap water to wash your face.

Drink Lemon Water

Hot or cold, lemon water is great for your skin. Hot lemon water is also great to drink in the morning to get your metabolism going.

Avoid Dairy


Dairy is full of hormones which are an inflammatory to your skin. A healthy diet includes everything in moderation. However, avoid cows milk as much as possible, almond, coconut or soy milk is a great alternative.

Don’t Touch

Your hands are covered in bacteria from touching doorknobs, keyboards, your phone etc. Always remember to wash your hands before your beauty routine and avoid touching your skin throughout the day.

Don’t Press Your Phone To Your Face

Our mobiles and work phones can be pretty dirty and oily. So pressing it against your face/skin, won’t help with breakouts.

Quick tip: Use headphones, a headset or put your phone on speaker when on a call (this is good for your ears too!). 

Massage Under Your Eyes 

If you’re like me and often wake up with puffy eyes this is a great skincare hack. It stimulates blood circulation and also helps to minimise fine lines and reduce inflammation.

Put these skincare beauty hacks into action and you will definitely see improvements in your skin. I would love to hear what beauty hacks you live by, let me know in the comments down below.



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