5 Tips To Stay Fit And Healthy This Easter

Don’t let the Easter weekend get the best of you. The Easter dinners, Easter desserts and of course all the chocolate, it’s all eggs-tremely tempting, if you pardon the pun. 


While you might be dedicated to your health and fitness, it’s ok to be tempted and treat yourself, during the Easter break.

However, there are some things to keep your health and fitness in mind. Ensuring you don’t get too caught up in the festivities, here are some tips to remember whilst enjoying the long weekend.

Don’t Purchase In Bulk

Quality over quantity. 


If you’re organised it may already be too late for this one, but try not to purchase large quantities of chocolate. There’s nothing more tempting than snacking on leftover Easter eggs, so avoid temptation and don’t buy in bulk.

Choose Whole Grain Hot Cross Buns

We all love hot cross buns, I literally just finished devouring one. However, whole grain anything is always better for you. Whole grain hot cross buns contain more fibre, vitamins and minerals. Plus, they’re more filling!

Keep Busy With Arts And Crafts

Click the picture below & find some amazing Easter crafts to do with the kids this Easter!

Easter can be a busy time of year, so go with it. Keep moving this easter and you won’t even realise you are burning off those extra calories.

If you’ve gone away this easter, go for a hike and search for the easter bunny with the kids. Cook up some Easter recipes, set up some Easter decorations and on Easter Sunday there’s always the Easter egg hunt!

Don’t Skip Meals

It can be easy to get caught up in the Easter festivities and forget to eat nutritious meals. Ensure you’re still consuming regular meals and if you do over indulge, don’t skip meals to try and make up for it.

Skipping nutrient-filled meals will just give you cravings in the evenings, and you know what you’ll reach for? That’s right, left over easter eggs – don’t do it!

Everything In Moderation

How long does it take to burn off one mini Easter egg?

easter egg

“You would have to run for three hours or walk for almost six hours to burn off the 1,758 calories in this Dairy Milk Easter Egg”. – Daily Mail Australia

Click here to read more.

This is scary right! Especially, if we are feeding these to our kids. re you crazy?! We can’t deny the facts, so we just need to keep in mind how much sugar is in all this chocolate. Because who can stand kids on a sugar high? Like always, everything in moderation.

We can all get caught up in the festivities so if you do over indulge don’t get down on yourself. Simply get back on the horse and keep moving!



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