5 Cleaning Tasks To Check Off Your Beauty List This Week

I have seen a lot of ‘organise and declutter makeup collection’ videos lately, and I’m inspired. There is nothing more satisfying than finishing or throwing out expired beauty products.

It’s nice knowing what’s in your makeup collection and getting the most for your money. As well as knowing you’re not using old crusty makeup that’s going to give you an eye infection, ew.

Out with the old, in with the new. Try these daily cleaning tasks that won’t take too long and by the end of the week, you’ll have a beauty battle station to be proud of.

Doesn’t this beauty room inspire you to organise your makeup collection? Let’s get to it, STAT!

First things first – Throw Out Old/Expired Products

As someone who had a favourite lipgloss for more years than I would like to admit, I understand how hard it is to throw away your makeup. We have to face the facts that makeup does expire, and it can be unhealthy to keep applying it, especially to your face!

This also goes for skincare, exposure to the air and time in the sun causes ingredients to become less active and therefore effective.

Invest In Your Beauty Station

If you don’t like how your beauty station looks and feels, you won’t enjoy ‘beating your face’ there. Once you’ve thrown away the things you don’t need, you want to find a home for everything. If you have good storage you give yourself a better chance at keeping it clean and tidy.

Clean Your Brushes


Cleaning our brushes is a chore, we all hate it but it has to be done. I like to get a warm bowl of water (to avoid having the tap running and wasting water) and clean my brushes with olive oil and an antibacterial soap.

After they have been cleaned rinsing them under the tap quickly and leaving them to dry. I give them a deep clean a couple times a month.

Quick tip: I like to use Models Prefer Brush Cleaner in between makeup applications. This way my brushes are still clean.

Don’t Forget Your Sponges

It’s something I do before every makeup application because I’m going to wet my sponge anyway, I may as well disinfect it. If yours is stained I would recommend double cleansing with a disinfectant soap. You should probably replace them every 3-6 months as well.

Clear Your Hairbrush

I don’t know if you have noticed but a lot of little nasties accumulate if you’re not regularly cleaning your hairbrush. Just like makeup brushes, once they’re clean their performance skyrockets. You can buy a hairbrush cleaner or you could just use the edge of a rat tail comb, simples.


Check out Shaaanxo’s HUGE makeup declutter video for inspiration, these videos are addicting! Check out my channel here > http://bit.ly/2npzx07


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