What’s In My Bag?

Don’t we all wonder what other women carry in their handbags? Well, today my lovelies I am going to spill the secret contents of my Michael Kors.


I filmed a What’s In My Bag video for my youtube channel – be sure to check it out below and fall deeper into the contents of my bag! Subscribe http://bit.ly/2npzx

Sneaky Peek Below


UPDATE: I got a new iPhone 7! 

If you watched my Get To Know Me Video, you know my iPhone 5s fell down the toilet on my FIRST day in Japan. Recently my fiance decided to surprise me with a new iPhone 7 and I couldn’t be more grateful to own a working phone.

I also like to carry my 2017 diary and a pen in my bag. I love making lists and it’s handy for jotting down important dates or any blog posts or youtube video ideas.



I did have a cheap pair or airplane headphones in my bag, but they have now been replaced by my new iPhone 7 headphones.

Like this post, if you can’t go a day without music! 



These products were previously kept in a sandwich bag (watch my video for more on that). They now live in this see-through beauty bag that is super convenient.

Now I can just pull it all out and have a full view of what I need and everything isn’t just floating around in my bag.



My current sunnies are a gift from my beautiful Mumma. These Oroton sunglasses are super glamorous and are always kept in their case to avoid getting scratched or broken.

What are some essentials you keep in your bag? Let me know in the comments down below and enjoy your weekend!



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