Japanese Beauty Products | Makeup and Skincare Haul

As you may know, Tazz and I were recently in Japan where I picked up some makeup and skincare beauty products.

I decided to share whether I think the products are worth the hype or are a bit gimmicky. You can watch the video and check out the list of products below.

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Most of these Korean beauty haul products are from the drugstore, but are some of the most popular and best Japanese beauty products I have seen getting a lot of hype!

Skincare Products 

Evita Beauty Whip Soap

It is a facial cleanser that comes out in the shape of a rose. You do have to pump the product out really slowly so the rose comes out nicely and not distorted. The texture is quite thick, almost like a shaving cream.

It leaves your skin feeling a little bit tight but really soft and beautiful. Definitely use a nice thick moisturiser afterward. It is a little bit gimmicky but something I was excited to purchase and try out.

Undereye Firming Sheets

These under eye firming sheets from Daiso are tiny but great for just $2.80. I loved using them on the plane to hydrate the under eye area and get rid of fine lines.

LuLuLun 7 days Facial Sheet Masks

These Japanese sheet masks are worth the hype. They are super hydrating on the skin. However, I don’t like the fact that they are all together in one package. I wish they were packaged separately to avoid any bacteria getting into the packaging.

Japanese Massage Facial Plate

One of the biggest Japanese beauty trends is massaging their skin with oils and facial massagers. I believe it is to preserve their young and youthful skin which they are kinda known for!

Makeup Products

Daiso Lashes

The band looks nice and they look pretty good quality for something that is $2.80, but I am yet to try them out.

Melty Colour Lips Lipstick

This lipstick is super cool because it pops out for easy access. I got it in the peach shade which is quite bright, so I toned it down with a light coloured gloss.

Witches Pouch Fixed Pigmented Eyeshadow

Fixed pigmented eyeshadow that is super pigmented (as the name suggests). It has a great colour payoff but beware of fallout!

Loreal Paris Cushion Porcelain Foundation

Everything in Japan is obviously in Japanese other than the title of the product and the brand name. So I think I accidentally picked up a refill or the packaging isn’t great.

My shade is ivory miracle (shout out to my fellow pale girls out there) which is the perfect colour for my skin. It has great coverage, covering any redness around my eyes and nose area. Would definitely recommend as a handy on the go foundation.

Quick Tip: I would recommend washing the beauty sponge or replacing it regularly. 

I have created a new intro for my youtube videos! I would love to know what you think, so don’t forget to check out my video and leave me a comment below.



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