Hair and Skin Benefits of Figs

Figs aka my favourite fruit (or one of) can have amazing health benefits for your body. They hold a host of benefits for your hair and skin but not only that – they are sweet and delicious!

Unfortunately, it’s not enough to exercise and apply topical treatments to your body and expect results. You also have to ensure you are getting enough nutrients to fuel your body.

What kind of benefits do figs have for your body? Keep reading to find out!


Highly Nutritious 

Figs come in a range of colours but usually a purple, yellow and green colour and are packed full of nutrients! They can be used in jams or ice creams and eaten dried or raw. They contain nutrients like calcium, iron, phosphorous, manganese and natural vitamins!

Skin Benefits

As a teen or even an adult, we all go through times when we wish our skin was healthier. Conditions like acne, pimples, blackheads and even cysts can be crippling to your confidence. Figs can help combat a range of skin disorders and give your skin a more vibrant appearance.

Hair Benefits

If you find your hair wont grow beyond a certain length, it could be due to a lack of nutrient rich foods in your diet. While there are a lot of beauty products you can put on your hair, starting from the inside out. It will be more effective when trying to achieve long, luscious locks.

Due to the nutrients and minerals packed in figs they can really help boost your hair and skin’s health in a dramatic way.

However, dried figs are higher in sugar than fresh figs. So keep this in mind and remember everything in moderation.



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