8 Skincare Tips To Practice Before Going To Bed | Night Time Routine

While your morning skincare routine is important, your night time routine is even more important and here’s why.

Taking steps to care for your skin before bed is essential. Your skin renews itself while you sleep so taking good care of your skin before bed, means you’ll wake up with refreshed skin.


Become a true sleeping beauty with these 7 skincare tips to take care of your skin while you sleep.

Remove Your Makeup

We all have those days where we can’t be bothered removing our makeup. I get it, you’re a busy lady, (or you’ve come home late and you’re drunk). Either way, you must remove your makeup!

Quick tip: Make it easy for yourself. If you’re too lazy (or you know you’re coming home late) keep some face wipes by your bed to remove your makeup. 

Double Cleanse


It’s important to double cleanse at night. Double cleansing ensures you are removing any makeup and/or pollutions from the top layer of your skin. The second cleanse is to properly clean your skin, finish by toning and moisturising your face, neck, and decolletage.

However, try to avoid over-cleansing the skin. This can lead to stripping the skin of its natural oils which can lead to your skin over producing oils.

Quick tip: I double cleanse at night and keep it simple in the morning by only washing my face with cold water. 

Apply Hand Cream


Our hands along with our neck are first to age, so ensure you apply hand cream every night.

Quick tip: Don’t forget those wrinkly elbows.

Massage Your Face 

I picked this beauty trick up in Japan. Japanese women love doing facial massages as a part of their beauty regimes to improve circulation. You can read more on www.kanebo.com

Quick tip: Gently massage under your eyes when you wake up. This will not only stimulate circulation but also helps to minimise fine lines and reduce any puffiness.

Sleep On Your Back

You know when you wake up with a wrinkly face from your sheets/pillow? If you sleep on your stomach, not only is it bad for your back and neck it can cause breakouts and lead to wrinkles.

Quick Tip: Place a pillow under your knees, it will make it more comfortable to sleep on your back. 

Regularly Change Your Pillow Case

Little nasties like face oils and sweat can build up on your pillowcase and agitate your skin. I would recommend changing your pillow case every 2-3 days.

Use Silk Pillow Cases

If you don’t already have silk pillowcases, pillow cases with a low thread count are recommended. A low thread count allows oxygen to pass through your pillow. Oxygen deprivation makes the skin produce more oil and sweat etc.

Get Enough Beauty Sleep

The oldest skincare beauty hack in the book, get enough sleep!

I hope these tips have given you some insight into how important your nighttime routine is. Let me know any skincare tips or routines that you practise before bed.



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