Kylie Jenner Is Launching 5 Matte Blushes With Some Killer Shades

While I’m excited to get another blog post up, Kylie Jenner is over here launching yet another beauty product on Kylie Cosmetics.

Kylie has taken to Snap Chat and Instagram to reveal that she is releasing her new matte blushes, that I’m not sure the world can handle!


The beautiful 19-year-old entrepreneur often takes to snap chat to share her makeup and skincare secrets. This secret has the beauty community warming up their fingers to add these 5 new matte blushes to their shopping carts.

The blushes will be up for grabs by the end of the week,  Launching Friday, March 24, at 3 p.m. Pacific time. However, if your internet shopping skills aren’t up to par, it’s very unlikely you will get your hands on one. Due to Kylie’s products often selling out within minutes!


The five shades are called:

  1. ‘X-Rated’  (a pinkish nude).
  2. ‘Barely Legal’ (a rose-y light pink).
  3. ‘Virginity’ (a deep rose shade).
  4. ‘Hot and Bothered’ (a tangerine orange).
  5. ‘Hopeless Romantic’ (a deeper red).

The blushes are a new fun addition to Kylie’s lip kits, glosses, eyeliners, highlighters, and eyeshadows.

Kylie wrote,“Can’t wait for you guys to experience these build-able Matte beauties! They launch this Friday at 3THepm pst only on @kyliecosmetics check out my snap to see a more xx”.

While I doubt I’ll even attempt to get my hands on one, I can’t wait to see how they swatch and the public’s response.

Barely Legal would not be my choice of words, but definitely my choice of blush. Let me know if you get your hands on one!

What do you think Kylie will come out with next? Tweet me @anniandava 




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