We’re Engaged + Proposal Story!

I am so excited to announce that Tarren and I are engaged! We have been together 4 years and I was literally speechless and overwhelmed with joy when Tazz asked me to marry him. 

Tazz popped the question on the 8th of Feb whilst we were travelling in Japan. We were in Mt Fuji and decided to ride electric bikes around Lake Kawagchiko. It was a beautiful day and we were doing the usual touristy things.

Once we got around the lake we stopped at a few shops and then Tazz suggested we take a gondola ride up Mt Kachi Kachi, which has a spectacular view of the lake and Mt Fuji. Once we were on the mountain we took some photos then Tazz proposed (if you pardon the pun) that we walk up higher for a better view.


Tazz said he would take some pics of me walking away from him in the forest and when I turned back around, he was on one knee. He asked me to marry him and I was shocked and literally speechless but I managed to get out a yes! I won’t go into the mushy details but it was a moment I will never forget. It was perfect and it was ours. 



It’s such an amazing feeling getting engaged to someone who is your best friend. He is the one I always to turn to for love and support, I couldn’t be happier.

img_0704A while ago we had looked at rings together but I am so proud of him for getting it so right with the ring. I couldn’t have picked a better one myself and it’s so special to me knowing he picked it and loves it too.


Nothing could take away from this amazing feeling and my love for this man. We are so excited for the future and all the new adventures to come. Thank you to our beautiful friends and family for all the love and support, it has made the experience even more special.


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