6 Beauty Essentials To Take Travelling

Whilst there is nothing more exciting than traveling to a new place, the worst part has to be packing. Knowing what and how much to take with you, especially when it comes to your beauty items. 

The thought of waking up in a new place makes me just want to throw my hair into a bun and go adventure seeking. However, there’s nothing wrong with also wanting to maintain some beauty routines and keep a nice appearance.

Mt Fuji, Japan

It’s important to save on weight and space whilst traveling, so here are some beauty items that are essential when traveling.

The Bare Essentials

Packing smart and minimalistic is essential, especially when you’re traveling with limited luggage (eg, backpacking). Only bring your favorite and most used products because everything else is unnecessary and will just take up space.

Quick tip: Leave plenty of room for items you might want to purchase!


Sunscreen is a beauty product I can’t live without. It’s the best tool to fight against aging and cancer. I’ve recently been using Dermalogica’s Ultra Sensitive Tint with SPF 30. It has ultra calming benefits to the skin, it’s tinted (so no need for foundation) and it protects from the sun.

Quick tip: take sunscreen with you everywhere to prevent wrinkles and sunspots.
Sheet Masks

I was so excited to pick up these babies in Japan. These Asian sheet masks have been raved about due to their hydrating and refreshing benefits. They don’t take up too much space and they are not considered liquids.

They’re great whilst traveling and to wear on the plane. They give the necessary nutrition to your skin after sun exposure or a long flight.


Vaso is the number 1 product I always bring on holidays with me. It has a number of uses including lip balm (that I keep in a little travel size pot, to fit in my pocket).

I know it may not be the trendiest product but Vaseline is amazing for removing eye makeup, soothing any cuts, blisters or insect bites.

Quick tip: it doubles up as a highlighter and can even replace mascara if you want to give your eyelashes some natural definition.

A Good Moisturiser

Whilst traveling the hydration will literally be sucked from your skin. Especially when you are on a flight, face masks are great whilst on the flight. Also ensure you are applying a nice thick, and nourishing cream to your hands and face.

Quick tip: decanting your favourite products into smaller travel-friendly containers, is a great way to save on space. 

Dry Shampoo

Who can be bothered constantly washing your hair when there are adventures to be had? Not me, I’ll wash my hair every 3-4 days and if my roots become oily, simply whip out my travel size dry shampoo.

Happy traveling! 



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