5 Diet Mistakes To Avoid

From yo-yo dieting to new years resolutions that only last a couple of weeks. We’ve all been there, trying to lose weight and get fit. 

I hate the word diet, it implies that you’ll do it for a couple of months, get sick of it and then go back to bad habits. You shouldn’t think of it as dieting but changing your way you thinking, to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

There may be a number of reasons why you just can’t seem to drop the weight, but here are 5 diet mistakes that I try to avoid.

Dropping All Your Bad Habits At Once

If you don’t exercise regularly or you always eat large meals, you can’t just decide to exercise every day and survive on a piece of lettuce. The University College London believe that it takes an average of “66 days to create a habit”.

Give your mind and body the benefit of time, that way you won’t feel so restricted (that’s how binge eating occurs).

Saying No To Everything


Which brings me to my next point; everything in moderation. If you restrict yourself for long enough you will eventually fold and start to overeat. Putting all the weight you may have lost, back on in twice the time. The “all or nothing” mentality might be maintainable for a short while but not forever, trust me.

Saying yes to eating an ice cream when out with friends, may relieve that craving and prevent over-indulging later on when you’re alone.

Thinking Short Term

Does Googling ‘how to lose 10 kilos in 2 weeks’ sound familiar? Probably because we have all done it, however, it is not healthy or maintainable. Again, when you are trying to make life changes think long term. Write down your goals and when you think is a maintainable goal. Achieving small goals is the secret to big success!

Quick tip: Write down your goals with an achievable timeline then break each goal down into smaller steps. Each time you achieve a goal, treat yourself. It will give you incentive to keep achieving! 

Over Supplementing


Vitamins, protein shakes and health bars are great ways to replenish your body, especially if you’re training hard. However, they can not replace good whole food meals.

Foods high in protein are a great way to fill up and avoid snacking throughout the day. Feed your body with leans meats, fresh fruit, and veg. Meal prepping is a great way to ensure you’re eating healthy. It’s also a great way to save money!

Not Getting Enough Sleep

While making time for the gym is important, it’s even more important to make time for your bed. Not logging enough sleep can mess with your mind, body, and soul. Not enough sleep can slow your metabolism which can cause hormonal changes that will affect weight loss.

Quick tip: At night set a ‘time to get ready for bed’ alarm. If you have to be up at 7 and you know it takes your half an hour to get ready for bed. Set an alarm for 10:30 pm, that way you have time to get ready for bed/the next day. Additionally, you’ll get a solid 8 hours of sleep!


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