5 Benefits of a Juice Cleanse

How many times have you been tempted to buy one of those ‘detox’ cleanses that promote weight loss, a colon cleanse etc? 

With promises of ‘weight loss’ or ‘great skin’, I know I’ve been tempted. However, if you do some research, you’ll find that they are simply not worth your moolah. They can also be super unhealthy and aren’t a substitute for a well-balanced diet and active lifestyle.

Nonetheless, a short fast/cleanse can be a great way to give your body a rest. It can aid in breaking a cycle of dependence on saturated fats, refined carbohydrates, processed foods, excess caffeine, and alcohol.


Even fitness expert Emily Skye gives her body a chance to rest & cleanse.


Detox & Give Your Digestive System A Rest 

Our liver and kidneys are already effective at eliminating any unneeded waste, so following a liquid-based diet won’t help any more than normal. However, giving up junk foods and processed ingredients will assist in giving your digestive system a rest. Here are some benefits of fasting/cleansing your system.



1. Helps To Rest Your Stomach & Ease Digestion

Making the stomach work less to extract nutrients can be a huge benefit. Juices require less of the stomach’s digestive processing.

2. Rest & Repair Your Gut Health

Things like medications, saturated fats, food additives and even stress can impair your bodies functions causing an imbalance in your guts health.

3. Assists In Reducing Appetite

Juicing doesn’t really shrink the stomach but it can trick your mind into feeling like it does. Juicing reduces your bad habit of comfort eating so that you feel satisfied with less food than usual.

4. Eliminate Harmful/Unnecessary Foods From Your Diet

The juice cleanse eliminates dairy, wheat, gluten and fermented foods from the diet.

5. Fill Your Body With Nutrition!

Putting yourself on an all produce diet gives our bodies a boost of vitamins and minerals. With all the raw foods in your juices, you’ll absorb tons of nutrients you usually wouldn’t when cooking foods.

– If you have any questions or concerns, consult your doctor before going on a juice cleanse.


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