Show Me Some Love On Bloglovin!

bloglovin-iconGood afternoon and happy Monday everyone! I’m here to make your exciting Monday, even more exciting (sarcasm intended).

In case you’re interested, I’m on Bloglovin! 

On the slight chance that you’re bored on this beautiful Monday afternoon, you can head over and check it out. It’s a great website that allows you to follow any blog regardless of whether you’re on WordPress, Blogger or any other blog platform.

If you are interested in building your own blog and readership, I hear it’s a great way to network.

  1. Simply sign up by clicking here and entering your facebook or login details.
  2. Follow here, to see tips & tricks, videos & reviews from me!
  3. Or claim your blog by entering the full name of your blog in the search bar.
  4. To claim it, click the top right-hand corner where it says ‘Is This Your Blog? Claim It’.
  5. Then copy and paste the HTML code into a blog post (like this one) and away you go.

You’re now on Bloglovin, let’s be friends!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin


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