8 Tips To Get Bikini Ready This Summer

Thank god winter is gone and summer is here! With this beautiful balmy weather comes visits to the beach, pool, and river in your dun dun duuuuuun… bikini.

It can be hard finding the motivation to get up and exercise so that you feel comfortable and confident in your bathing suit. Especially when it’s so stinking hot! However, it’s so important to stay hydrated and to make healthy choices during summer. 

In saying that, here are some tips to keep you motivated and get you back into your bikini!

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Take Your Workout Outdoors

Working out doesn’t mean you have to force yourself to go to the gym. If the thought of staring at a blank wall whilst walking on a treadmill doesn’t excite you, get outdoors girlfriend! Trade in the treadmill for a hiking trail, the fresh air will do you good. There are plenty of body weight exercises you can do in place of free weights.

Check out my outdoor workout to work your legs and butt!

Do Something You Love

If you love riding your bike, make bike riding your daily routine. Join a dance class or if you’re impartial to Zumba classes, get your blood flowing and give Zumba everything you’ve got!

Just remember not to go overboard. You’re not about to change your body in a couple of days. Make sure you enjoy yourself so you keep going back for more!

Create A Reminder

Having a reminder somewhere in your home to help you reflect on your goals can help you make smarter choices. If you’re a visual person, print out an image of yourself when you feel and look your best. Maybe a photo of you in your fav jeans or bikini, it’s a fun way to remind you of your goals. 

Take The Stairs

Avoid the elevator and take the stairs, weed the garden, or clean the house. All of these things burn calories without you really noticing. They are things you can do on the daily to keep your blood flowing and your metabolism burning.


Unfortunately, this does not include alcohol ladies. Cut out the vodka and replace is with good old fashion H2O. Not only is it great for your metabolism but it will keep your skin looking dewy and beach ready.

Quick tip: Despite what some may think, drinking water actually combats water retention. Bottoms up!

Eat Foods High In Protein


Eating foods high in protein will keep you fuller for longer and help you avoid the enemy; snacking. Each one of your meals should include a source of protein, including meat, seafood, oats, eggs, orrrr my delicious protein balls (shameless plug, but they are really delicious!)

Fake Tan

If fake tanning is going to make your feel more confident in your bikini, go for it! I know for me especially, (a real life Casper The Ghost) a fake take makes a big difference and is a huge confidence booster.

Added Bonus: It helps to give your skin a smoother looking complexion. Plus, there is absolutely NO reason to sun bake because you already have a healthy glow.

Be Confident In Your Skin!


We are always going to pick out little things that we don’t like about our bodies. It’s only natural because unfortunately, we are usually our own worst critics.

Have you ever had the thought ‘Ugh I wish I looked like what I did 2 years ago’? Well, i’ll let you in on a not so secret, secret. You are never going to be any younger than you are now!

Don’t wait until you’ve “lost those love handles” or until “I start eating better”. Get in that bikini NOW because when you’re confident in yourself it shows. Own your body and live your best life today, not tomorrow.


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