About Me!

Hi lovelies and welcome to anniandava.com! Anni and Ava is run by me, Brooke Lindsay – I currently work in Melbourne, Australia as a digital manager for an amazing integrated marketing company.

I graduated with distinction from Deakin University. Majoring in media communications and journalism, with an accompanying minor in public relations. More importantly, I have a passion for health and beauty,  makeup, and donuts (the glazed kind).

I love to travel (when I can afford it) try new makeup and skincare products and share it here. I love creating content in the form of blogs, social posts, and YouTube videos!

All opinions on here are quirky, fun and very much my own. ‘Disclaimer alert’ I am not a registered nutritionist or dietician, nor am I a beauty therapist. Everybody is different, I just like sharing my personal experiences with you in hopes it can help in some way and hopefully save you some dollary doos!

I hope you can stick around and don’t forget to check out my socials over —>


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