What To Wear To A Job Interview | What I Wore

As if jobs interviews aren’t stressful enough without the added stress of picking the perfect outfit!

When you’ve got a call back for a job interview it’s important to make a good first impression. Your potential employer’s first impression of you will be based on how you look and what you are wearing. A good rule of thumb if you are unsure is to dress, neat casual.

You can’t go wrong with neat casual!

  1. Michael Kors – Runway Watch with Brown Leather Wrap band
  2. Donna Karan – White Top with Unique Detail
  3. Sports Girl – Love Club Black Sunnies
  4. Collette – Camilla Large Tote
  5. Big W – Emerson Women’s Cross Over Heels – Tan
I like to keep colours to a minimum & stick with black, white & beige.

If there is one tip I would give, it’s to invest in a nice blazer. A blazer can really take your look to the next level.

Make sure you are comfortable. There is nothing worse than worrying about constantly pulling your top down or your pants up. You should be focusing on being engaged during your interview.

Hair & Makeup 

Your hair and makeup should strike a nice balance with your outfit. Keep it clean and simple.

If you want to be safe you can always just ask! When you are invited to interview for a position by email, include a question about how to dress. For example: ‘Can you please advise me on the correct/appropriate dress for an interview with your firm?’



The saying “dress as though you have the job” I don’t think is relevant. If you’re interviewing for a job with a gym you’re not going to go in your gym clothes. My advice, you can’t go wrong with smart casual, keep it simple and classy. Wear clothes that you are comfortable in and smile!

Good luck!


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