Wearing Makeup At The Gym? Sweatproof Makeup Routine


Heading out into the world bare-faced can be a daunting, yet wearing makeup to the gym can lead to all kinds of criticism. Not only that, it’s not healthy for your skin and can give you a serious case of racoon eyes (not cute!).

If you’re not confident going out without makeup, don’t let it become an excuse for skipping the gym. I have some tips for creating a subtle makeup look that won’t run and lets your skin breathe!


Going to the gym can be intimidating enough without the added worry of how you look. If wearing makeup means you’re going to be more confident and focused on your workout, then go for it! However, going full glam to the gym is not good for your skin, so try to keep it minimal.


To avoid those dreaded racoon eyes and blocked pores, here are the steps I take to create a simple sweatproof makeup look.


If you’re comfortable skipping foundation, great! Your skin expels sweat whilst you work out so it’s a good idea to let it breathe. If you want some coverage I love using a BB Cream or a mineral foundation. It provides a lightweight coverage without blocking your pores.

I use Bare Minerals Mineral Foundation


A lightweight concealer is great if you just need to spot treat a few spots or cover under eye circles.


I love Maybelline’s hyper sharp winged liner because is it super long lasting. It is so easy to create a thin line and because it’s a gel eyeliner it won’t run (bye bye taco on eyes).

If you want to wear mascara I would stick to a quality waterproof mascara. Just remember not to rub your eyes!

I use Maybelline Hypersharp Wing Liner



I have very sensitive skin/lips, so I really only use Vaseline on my lips. I love the tinted rosy Vaseline because it’s moisturising and gives your lips a touch of colour.

Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy Lips


Post Workout

Going to the gym and sweating is a great way to detoxify your skin! As you warm up, your pores become wider. It’s a great idea to wash your face straight after the gym whilst you’re still warm.

Once you cool down your pores will close and trap the makeup inside your skin, causing breakouts. Never retouch your makeup after the gym, take it off completely and reapply if you need to.

Do you wear makeup to the gym? If so I would love to know what you use!


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