Beauty Blender Review + Tips

I have been using makeup sponges since I was old enough to apply makeup. I must say, there is nothing really like a makeup application with the OG of beauty blenders.  

When it comes to applying foundation, we all want to use a tool that gives us the most natural makeup application. If you don’t use the right applicator and have the right technique, it really doesn’t matter how expensive your foundation is.


Who would have thought that a little pink sponge was the answer to a flawless and dewy makeup application?

My Application Process:

  1. Wet the sponge under a tap to dampen & expand the sponge. To remove any makeup on the sponge I usually use a cheap face wash.
  2. Rinse & squeeze until there is no makeup left on the sponge or it has completely expanded.
  3. Gently dry with a towel or tissue, make sure you are gentle & do not wring the water out. You don’t want to tear the sponge!
  4. It is used best with a liquid foundation. I pump the foundation onto the back of my hand & bounce it onto the sponge then onto the skin.
  5. It is best applied with a bouncing motion, pushing the product into the skin (rather than rubbing), for a flawless application.
  6. I finish by setting my foundation with a translucent powder.


The black beauty blender pro is great for the application of darker products. Not much of a difference from the pink beauty blender, it just won’t get as visibly dirty, great for tantouring!

The beauty blender is a cult favourite however, there are a number of (more affordable) dupes on the market. The point of a dupe is to find something that does the same job without the expensive price tag.

A Beauty Blender Sephora sells will set you back around $29. Which is quite a hefty fee ,so if you are not willing to splurge, there are other alternatives.

I’ve tried a huge range of sponges trying to find some inexpensive dupes. The cheap $1 beauty sponge I bought off eBay was exactly that, cheap and horrible.

Tellytubby looking beauty sponge from Target.

This teletubby looking beauty sponge from Target does the job but is a lot harder than the beauty sponge.  Bad dupes are hard and not manageable while the real deal is squishy and expands to a larger size.

Real Techniques Beauty Blender is the closest thing I’ve found to the Beauty Blender.

The only thing that has come close to the OG beauty blender, is the real techniques makeup sponge that Priceline sells.

Recommended For:

I would recommend the beauty blender to anyone who has trouble getting a flawless makeup application with a brush. They are great for beginners because they do a lot of the blending work for you. They are quite expensive but I would definitely recommend this product and repurchase it again.


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