Finders Keepers Market Melbourne

The Finders Keepers Market is coming up (July 22nd) and I thought you should know that it has a lot to offer! Including hipster pizza, miniature forests, and Captain Apples, if you’re lucky.

The Finders Keeps Market is held at The Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton. Entry was the best $2 I have ever spent for my first experience at the centre.

Quick tip: Get there early to avoid spending half the night looking for a parking space!

I went last year with my friend Sarah. It was a fun night for two poor university students with a love of interior nick nacks. By the time we got there it was dinner time, so Sarah and I headed straight to the food court. We had “pizza” that looked more like a wrap (hipster pizza?) and a mixer. We enjoyed our meal to the soothing tunes of Captain Apples (last minute band decision?).

After establishing a plan to look at each stall, we ventured out into the crowd of people. Much to the annoyance of Sarah and my fellow market goers, I felt the need to take photos of all the stalls!

I loved the minimalistic take on the stalls but don’t be fooled by the term market, the cheapest thing you’ll buy is the entry. I picked up a few items and looked at the vendors like, “finders keepers?” Needless to say, the Finder Keeps Market is just a clever name.
However, they are independent art and design stalls so you are supporting local talent! When Sarah and I realised that we couldn’t afford anything, we decided it was time to head back to the food court.

Last minute, I picked up this cute little plant from Melbourne’s Two Lost Souls. He was $30 and I just couldn’t leave him behind. All in all, it was a great night out! You can find more info and dates on the Finders Keepers website.



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