Are Priceline Goody Bags Worth It?

Let’s be honest, it’s incredibly hard to walk past a Priceline sale AND a skincare goody bag valued at over $300! The big question is, are Priceline goody bags really worth it?
Priceline Pharmacy_141127_4D6C6926
Priceline Australia is Australia’s leading health and beauty retailer, aka heaven. There are also Priceline Pharmacies, with everything a regular Priceline has, in addition to medications.

Priceline recently had their skincare goody bag promotion running and it made me think, why are they so damn appealing? It is probably due to women’s logic…

We are confusing beings but is there some method to our madness?

Conditions Of Promo

Basically, you spend money to make money. You spend money on the ranges involved in the giveaway to earn the “free” goody bag. It can be a great deal if you plan. Make sure the goody bag includes things you want, are going to use and will suit your skin type/colour.

Make sure the goody bag includes things you want, are going to use and that will suit your skin type/colour.

This is the perfect opportunity to buy essentials and stock up on things you know you are going to use. I wanted to try the Aveeno range for my eczema, so I stocked up and in return, got $300 worth of free goodies!


The downfall is that not you can’t spend $70 on whatever you want, to get the goodie bag. You have to spend it on products involved in the promotion.  Another downfall is that not everyone has the same skin type or colour. This means you may have to give away some goodies, like foundation.

Worth It?

In my opinion, yes. However, it all comes down to you. Ask yourself, do I NEED to buy products from the selected ranges that are involved in this promotion? Will I use the products in the goody bag? If not, is spending $70 worth it? 

I am STILL using the products from my last goody bag! Personally, it has saved me money in the long run because I haven’t had to buy skincare in AGES!

My advice is to check out the Priceline catalogue or the website beforehand and plan your trip. You should also watch my video below to get an idea of what Priceline has to offer!

Let me know if you think Priceline goody bags are worth the $$$ and if you have any tips. I would love to hear from you!


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