5 Benefits Of Dry Body Brushing

It’s important not only to take care of the skin on your face but on your body as well! Dry brushing will greatly improve your skin’s health and once you know the benefits, they’ll be no turning back! 

Our skin is an amazing organ and when taken care of correctly, our skin acts as protection for our bodies. Our bodies have a detoxification process to eliminate wastes. However, if our skin is overrun with dead skin cells, it won’t be as vibrant and healthy as possible.

This is why dry brushing is an important step in your skincare routine. It’s a simple step that offers multiple benefits. Below are my top 5 reasons why you should add dry brushing to your beauty regime.

1. Improves circulation

It improves the blood circulation in your body. Encouraging your skin get rid of wastes and the old skin cells from you body and produce new, active skin cells.

2. Exfoliation 

It exfoliates your skin, removing dead skin cells and clearing clogged pores. This allows your skin to breathe and improves your skin’s appearance.

3. Reduces cellulite

It has been said that dry brushing softens hard fat deposits that are under the skin and distributes them more evenly. Over time, this can diminish the appearance of cellulite. However, these effects won’t last forever, so keep at it!

4. Relieves stress

While brush away dead skin cells may not seem relaxing, it can be meditative. Do it before a nice warm shower, in a quiet space, where you can calm your mind. It’s also acts as a body massage and may reduce muscle tension, bonus!

3. It feels good!

It may not seem like it at first but dry brushing becomes addictive (in a good way!). You notice when you haven’t done it because your skin doesn’t feel as toned and fresh. You can literally do it in 30 seconds and feel invigorated!


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