Natural Eczema Remedies | My Story

If you’ve ever struggled with eczema you’ll know how irritating it can be, literally! There’s no cure but you can learn how to treat it correctly so that it doesn’t affect your life.

I’ve been told that as a baby I had pretty bad eczema. Mainly in the folds of my skin #chubbybubby. As I got older I seemed to grow out of it. Until my teen years when I started to get regular dry patches on my lips. I never knew what it was because it wasn’t too severe and my good friend Carmex seemed to keep it at bay.

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Now I’m into my twenties and it’s back! It started as red, dry patches on the backs of my hands. I also started noticing little dry patches on my arms, legs and even my neck. The dryness around my mouth started to appear again and got to the point where the sides of my mouth started to crack.

I couldn’t cover it with makeup and that is when I realised I needed help. I saw a dermatologist and she determined that I had eczema. Once she started explaining it to me, everything started to make sense. It was like an Aha moment!

She prescribed me with two ointments, Diprosone and Advantan. They cleared my mouth and hand eczema up within a couple of days (I call it my magic cream!).

Note, that this all started occurring around this time last year. The change in humidity brought out the worst in my skin. A lack of moisture in the air in winter and the stinkiness in the warmer months can cause flare ups.

Dealing with eczema for most of my life, I can confidently say that I’ve learnt a lot about how to control it. Rather than letting it control me and my life. Try these tips to help treat your eczema and keep your skin soft and comfortable.

1.  Know your skin


It’s taken me a long time and many trips to the dermatologist to really understand my skin.

I thought breakouts meant my skin was dirty so I would over wash my skin. This led to very irritated skin, prone to eczema. Understanding your skin and what may cause a flare-up of eczema is important. You should eliminate things that cause your skin to react, like fragrances.

I started noticing rashes on my neck and wrists and realised that unfortunately, it was from my perfume. There is usually a reason you’ll get eczema on your body, it’s a matter of determining what’s doing it and eliminating it from your life.

2. Moisturise often

Don’t be afraid of moisturising! I used to worry about breaking out however, I realised that my skin was overproducing natural oils to compensate for the lack of moisture. 

I’m currently using no fragrance skincare like Aveeno face and body products and vaseline. Vaseline is great because it has so many benefits for your skin. I use it to nourish my eyelashes and feet every night before bed.

3. Manage temperatures at home


We can’t control the weather, that’s a given. However, we can control the temperature in our homes. 

I know how incredible a nice hot shower is before bed. Although, the irritation a hot shower causes is not worth it. A warm-cool temperature shower is best for your skin but remember to keep it short. You’ll be saving not only your skin but on time, money and water!

Avoid using soaps, harsh scrubs and exfoliating tools. They will just irritate your skin further, opt for a fragrance-free and calming body wash instead.

Once out of the shower, pat dry your skin make sure you don’t rub. Then apply a thick moisturiser immediately after, your skin is most absorbent straight out of the shower.

4. Pick your clothing wisely


Unfortunately, eczema is often irritated by the clothing we wear. Wools and other synthetic fibres can cause itchiness and flare-ups.

Opt for cotton clothing, which is nicer on the skin. I also noticed my legs were getting aggressively itchy recently, I put it down to stress. However, due to the colder weather I’ve been wearing fitted jeans. They have been causing my eczema to flare up on my legs, so avoid wearing tight fitting clothes.

5. Seek help

If you try all of these tips and still find your can’t get your eczema under control, seek professional help. 

There is not blood test the dermatologist will simply examine your skin and ask you questions to help identify the triggers possibly causing your eczema. A professional will be able to properly diagnose your condition and prescribe the correct treatments for you!


If you have any eczema tips to include I would love to hear them in the comment section below. Please follow Anni and Ava if you would like to see more posts like this one and I’ll speak to you soon!


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