Full Body Workout

Getting out of the gym for your workout is great for your mind, body and soul. You’ll not only boost the number of calories you burn, you’ll also be hitting different muscles groups.

My fitness regime has been re-inspired after going to The Arnold Classic in Melbourne. While I love getting into the gym, it’s not always feasible. Coming from the country I love getting active outdoors. So I filmed an outdoor full body workout in hopes to inspire some of you to get moving too!

This explosive workout demonstrates some great fat burning exercises whether you’re out the back or at the park. It’s quick, easy and you don’t need any equipment because this workout utilises your own body weight.

Body weight training is great because you’re using completely natural movements, you’re using additional muscle groups and you can do it at any time, anywhere!


Apart from getting you outdoors and away from technology. This workout is designed to work your entire body, burn fat and tone your muscles.


  • Jump Squats x 12 repetitions  x 6 rounds
  • Park Bench Push Ups push ups x 12 repetitions x 6 rounds
  • Step Ups x 20 repetitions x 6 rounds
  • Dips x 12 x 6 rounds | Option: bring your legs in closer to reduce the amount of body weight you’re lifting.

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