5 Tips To Wake Up Feeling Refreshed

I know what you’re thinking, is waking up feeling refreshed even possible? I’m here to tell you, it can be done. By incorporating these tips into your mornings; you could be on your way to becoming (dare I say it) a morning person!

It’s not often that we wake up feeling our best. We feel tired, grumpy and we just want to turn over and go back to sleep. As a consequence, you’ve hit the snooze button one too many times and now you’re late for work.

You don’t have time for breakfast (arguably the most important meal of the day) and you’ve started your day off unorganised. Here are some tips on how to wake up feeling refreshed, to start your day off on the right side of the bed.

1. Caffeine & Alcohol

Wake up feeling your best by avoiding alcohol and caffeine consumption the night before. It will help reduce restlessness and waking up to go to the toilet during the night. It will also improve your general quality of sleep

2. Don’t snooze

While those extra 10 minutes of sleep seem important at the time. It’s actually doing you more harm than good. Studies have shown that it’s easier to wake up the first time. As soon as you’re alarm goes off, turn on the lights and have a nice big drink of water. Drinking water will help you feel energised and refreshed.

3. Stretch


If you’re still not ready to get out of bed do some bed stretches (yes that’s a thing). Just sit up and reach for your toes! Stretching will help get blood flowing around your body and to your brain.

4. Shower

One of the best ways to wake up is with an energising cold shower! Having a cold (not freezing) shower is not only going to wake you up but it is great for your skin and hair. Having a cold shower is also time efficient because you won’t want to be there for too long.

5. Breakfast


As mentioned earlier breakfast is arguably the most important meal of the day. By not eating in the morning, you’re communicating to your body that your day hasn’t started. You’ll feel lethargic and grumpy, if you’re in a hurry grab a piece of fruit or a smoothie (preferably something you prepared the night before). Having breakfast will help you feel energised and more vigilant.  

6. Habit

Waking up feeling refreshed is often about attitude. You have to get into a routine of getting up straight away. Waking up in the morning is not easy for anyone! However, these tips are sure to make your mornings tolerable. Make these tips a habit and you’ll be feeling more positive and refreshed in no time!


9 thoughts on “5 Tips To Wake Up Feeling Refreshed

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